xLabs presents @ 3D Printing Showcase 2014

xLabs joined Scann3d at the 2014 3D printing technology showcase in Melbourne.

xLabs used its SDK to help Scann3d provide an interactive public display of their 3D photogrammetry & modelling technology. Scann3d provided a model of Hosier Lane, Melbourne, and we combined this with WebGL and webcam head tracking, to allow visitors to explore the model. Note only a single ordinary webcam was used for this display, and the system was written in a few lines of Javascript and HTML.

The event was great, with a steady stream of visitors and lots of interest in all the technology on display at the event.

Here’s a video of one punter enjoying the interactive display:

xLabs @ 3D Printing Showcase 2014

Note xLabs also provides an app for visualizing 3D models on a 2D screen:

xLabs 3D object viewer app

More info about the showcase here: