Stim Admin Interface

The Stim Engine service can be found at:

Contact us to create an account.

What’s a stim anyway?

Stim is short for “stimulus” – Stim Engine is a service for recording user responses to stimuli such as video or images. It’s most often used for testing ads and other media as part of a market research campaign.

We record, replay & analyse:

  • Visual attention (eye-gaze)
  • Viewer emotions (facial coding)
  • Mouse movements

How does it work?

Our Stim Admin service allows you to create Projects. Each Project contains a number of Stims. You can also mark up Areas of Interest (AOIs) within Stims, and set them for particular time windows in video media.


Once you’ve defined the Stims and AOIs, we provide tools to easily embed the Stims in a third-party website, usually a survey platform such as SurveyGizmo. We can embed into pretty much any website or survey.

Our Stim Admin generates the necessary Javascript code – it’s just a matter of adding it to the relevant pages on the target website. The viewing process them becomes a seamless part of the survey.


Once you’ve embedded your Stims, simply recruit participants to complete the survey and view them. Results become available minutes after each session has finished.

We can help with both the survey integration and participant recruitment parts of your project.

Live Demo

Click the link below for a live demo of session replay:

Automated Reports

Stim Engine provides detailed and insightful reports about viewers’ reactions to your Stims. An example report is shown below. 

We measure various aspects of attention and emotional arousal to give an overall picture of how and when your Stims caused reactions. We also estimate how well your Stim “engages” the audience.

Eye-gaze heatmaps are included in the reports. Raw data can be downloaded in CSV format and the full report can be saved as PDF.

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