Developer registration and download

Software Development Kit

This page allows you to register and request to download the xLabs Software Development Kit (SDK). The User extension is only able to communicate with embedding pages on particular, licenced domains. The extension provided with the SDK lifts this restriction, and provides everything developers need to experiment with our technology. More information can be found in the developer manual. Download and use of the client software constitutes acceptance of our End User License Agreement (EULA). Note that under the terms of the EULA, you cannot publicly release software that uses any xLabs Browser Extension without contacting us to arrange a commercial license.

So that we can best help you get the most of our SDK we ask that you complete the developer registration and SDK access request form below.

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Please read and agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA) and Privacy Policy.

Registration and SDK access request process

Your details will not be made available to third parties or used for any purpose except registration and related contact from xLabs.  

What happens next?

After submitting these details your request for access will be reviewed and are typically granted automatically, however you may be contacted by an xLabs representative to discuss the nature of our request so please provide accurate contact details and a clear explanation of the use case you are evaluating.  

Why do you need all my details?

Our software is breaking new ground, but it is still early days. There is still much we must learn in order to improve our product, and who better to teach us then you. Your experimentation, evaluation and feedback will help us continue to improve and we are constantly blown away with the use case ideas we’ve never even considered.  

How can I ensure my request is approved?

Just be honest and provide as much detail as you can about your desired use, reason for evaluating our tech. We want to make sure you get the best out of the product.