How effective is your UI design?


     Let the eyes decide.


EyesDecide is a free to use service where you can upload your choice of media and track how a panel of users visually consumes the media.

Powered by xLabs’ world leading eye gaze tracking technology that is integrated into the chrome browser to ensure a seamless user experience.

It’s free use and only takes about 5 minutes to setup your own study. So give it a shot!

FireShot Capture 12 - Eyes Decide - Eye-gaze tracking heatmaps

Instant replay

You get access to a test subject’s gaze replay immediately after they complete the session. No post processing delays. You have access to individual replays as well as aggregated visualisations such as heatmaps.

Have your say

EyesDecide is built for UX designers like yourself. Your feedback is crucial for us to improve the product. We’d love to hear your thoughts. So please contact us at and have your say.

– With thanks, the xLabs team.

Free to use

EyesDecide is currently in beta and free to use. We are committed to making the best product possible. EyesDecide will remain free until we are confident it is delivering real value to our users.