Making computing accessible to everyone: Mouse and Keyboard emulation

We’re excited to share an exciting new application for xLabs technology.

We’ve developed an assistive technology tool that emulates mouse and keyboard function. It is available free of charge in the latest version of our client software.

Using head movement, users can direct the mouse cursor around the screen and clicks by staring at a spot for a couple of seconds. It’s so accurate it can be used to surf the web and use the computer in general.

In keyboard mode, specific <ENTER> and <SPACE> keypresses are generated by specific head movements. Assistive software often provides useful functionality if these two key events can be captured.

The functionality is particularly useful for individuals who are unable to use mouse and keyboard input easily, but can still move their head and eyes. Some forms of Cerebral Palsy result in this condition.

The technology works outside browser as well as within it (thanks to the Java Robot API), so it can be used with any software application.

Here’s a video of the mouse emulation in action:

This assistive technology furthers our goal to make interactive computing a more natural and human experience.