How does it work?

Our Javascript APIs allow you to record individual user sessions on any website. Simply add our Javascript module to your page and enable recording when you’re ready.

We don’t upload videos recorded from users’ screens. Videos are slow to upload and use a lot of data. The results are also poor to look at. Instead, we record the HTML DOM and reconstruct it in our player. The results are just as crisp and clear as the original browsing experience.


In addition to the web page, we can also record & replay:

  • Entire individual user sessions
  • Videos and interactive elements
  • Mouse movements and clicks
  • Seamlessly across page navigation within your site
  • Aggregate statistics for specific HTML elements, such as time-to-first-look and total-dwell-time
  • Eye tracking¬†
  • User emotions

Live Demo

See a demo of HTML session recording & replay here: 

The video above shows replay of a user session on a highly featured and interactive website – Trello. All user interactions and page changes are reproduced perfectly.

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