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xLabs free chrome extension now available

xLabs revolutionary eye tracking software is now available to end users as a free chrome extension.

Chrome store makes installing xLabs unique software simple, quick and safe. Click “Add to Chrome” to instantly add the xLabs extension to your chrome browser.

Once added not only can you then enjoy the features and demos pre-built into the extension (such as a head controlled mouse replacement) but also experience  the ever increasing xLabs gaze integrated websites, games, apps and utilities such as the ones included in our demo apps page.

Are you a developer? Register here for access to our SDK or scroll down for more detail.

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Please read our  End User License Agreement


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Are you a developer interested in to exploring just what our tech can do?

Want to make your existing products eye gaze aware ?

Perhaps you have a great idea for a whole new development that really leverages and exploits the true power of our software.

Simply click below to register as a developer to download our SDK.

Don’t worry it’s free to play.

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We’d love to hear your ideas, get your feedback and help any way we can.

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