Our Technology

xLabs is a small but smart startup, with a unique technology: We can work out what users are looking at on the screen. And that’s not all we do. Although eye and gaze tracking technology has been around for a while, the good solutions all require expensive, specialist hardware. Ours doesn’t. It’s just our software, and a webcam. Any webcam.

There are some web-based gaze tracking systems out there, but they all require users to sit still, and recalibrate after any movement. This is disruptive and limiting.

Our software offers continuous, realtime tracking without restricting user movement. Once thoroughly calibrated, it just works all the time, allowing users to get up and sit down as much as they like. The tech is so good we can offer it as a user input system, capturing all sorts of data such as gaze, head and face gestures, expressions and so on.

This data lets web developers create new ways to interact with your computer. It can be sensitive to your looks, your attention, and your movements. All you need to do to enable this rich feedback, is for end-users to install our client software, and for your websites to configure it via our Javascript API. This isn’t just a system to collect marketing information – it’s a system that benefits and excites users directly. It has to excite them, because our system requires user consent whenever used.

Our vision is to capture everything beyond the screen: The computer should be a sympathetic and understanding companion, not a dumb droid that mindlessly parrots instructions at you. By capturing all the nonverbal communication people naturally produce, we can make the web a human place that’s far easier to interact with. So, in addition to gaze tracking, our developer interface provides face pose, head gestures, blink detection etc.

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Hardware Free

No additional hardware required.

Our patent pending software solution works with any ordinary webcam

Machine Learning

Advanced machines learning technology that actually learns and improves with use.

No need to hold your head perfectly still, our world leading software has been built to handle your natural head movement

Safe and Secure

Video data is processed locally and never streamed to a central server.

Open SDK

Our open SDK is not only powerful but provides for painlessly simple integration

Our Story

The team at xLabs are committed to the ongoing development of software that enable a more human approach to the way we all communicate with computers.

We’ve started by providing the world first software only real time continuous eye/gaze tracking solution that does not restrict users natural head movement. Our aim is to democratise eye gaze tracking making it a technology that is accessible to all.

  • Almost 2 years of R & D 100%
  • Commercial ready SDK 75%
  • App Marketplace 50%

Our Team

Alan Zhang


PhD in computer vision, BSc electronic engineering.

5 years professional experience in applied artificial intelligence / machine learning / computer vision / image processing primarily in the security and surveillance industries.

Joe Hanna


Over 18+ years tech and commercial experience in online media, classifieds, search and startups. Joe has been involved with and founded a number of successful startups.

Ex: Mitula, Product and Tech Director online employment Fairfax Digital.

Steve Roberts


5 years UX and Product Management consulting at The University of Queensland, The Conversation, Sputnik Agency, Fairfax Media.

10 years digital design and development at Fairfax Media, DeakinPrime, La Trobe University, xero.

David Rawlinson


PhD, BSc 1st in computer science, computer vision & artificial intelligence.

10 years professional experience in R&D and leading teams in artificial intelligence applied to industry, with companies in UK, USA, France, India, Singapore, Australia.