Large scale validation study

To validate that our eye/gaze tracking system can be truly mass scale, in February and March this year xLabs conducted a large validation study. We sourced approximately 300 volunteers, who were put through a grueling calibration exercise.

EarlierĀ testing was ad-hoc, and based on a small sample of about 50 friends and family.

Our mission is to enable universal sensing of all nonverbal communication from users – but for now we’re focusing on making realtime web-based gaze tracking available on every computer. To succeed with our mission, we need to ensure that our software works in all conditions, regardless of user appearance or camera specification. The validation study will demonstrate these capabilities by testing on people of all ages, genders, ethnicity and fashion sense. The results will soon be published on this site.

We’d like to thank the many volunteers who contributed 15 minutes of their time to participate in the study. In particular, we’d like to thank management and staff at Outware Mobile, SensenNetworks and Vinomofo and our assistants Andy, Pok and Jake.