Webcam eye-gaze tracking

+ lossless HTML session recording & replay

  • FLEXIBLE: Any ordinary webcam
  • IMMEDIATE: Realtime tracking
  • FAST: up to 20 frames / second
  • ACCURATE: 75% within 22mm
  • SECURE: No video recorded or transmitted
  • MOBILE: Tablet, laptop & desktop computers

UX & market research

xLabs technology powers the EyesDecide SaaS for mass-scale, at-home market research & user testing

Ad testing

Measure engagement & attention


Understand user behaviour


Prove design value

Browser Extension

We offer a range of software and services for head pose, eye, eye-gaze and emotion tracking. These services can easily be embedded into any third-party website or survey platform via our Javascript APIs. Our technology works with either recorded video, or realtime streams from any ordinary camera.

Client-side Eyes & Faces API

  • Javascript
  • Processed on user's computer
  • No video recorded or transmitted
  • Single-click install via Chrome extension

Server-side Eyes & Faces API

  • Lossless face video recording
  • Native Javascript
  • Frictionless user experience - no install
  • EU-GDPR compliant

Web session recording API

  • Losslessly record & replay user web sessions
  • Mouse + eye/gaze (attention)
  • Individual session replay
  • Aggregate statistics


  • Run our eye tracking tech on your servers
  • Process 60+ FPS
  • Commercial licence only
WHY are certain decisions and attitudes formed? What drives them? Our eye-gaze and HTML session recording technology allows you to see exactly what users saw, and what they paid attention to.
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