Eye, gaze and head tracking via webcam

xLabs revolutionary software provides continuous, realtime tracking without restricting users natural movement nor the use of expensive additional dedicated hardware.

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Remote usability testing

The first commercial product built on top of xLabs powerful SDK delivers a real time remote eye gaze tracking service via webcams. Currently in beta, the service will allow designers, product managers, researches and marketers direct access to how real users remotely view their designs and products.
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From mass scale market research and usability testing through to advertising effectiveness and brand recognition. Remote, real time eye tracking studies are finally possible.


Remotely collect and collate statistics, data and engagement metrics you only previously dreamed possible to gain unparalleled insights


More Human Interaction

Interact in a whole new way.
The addition of mass scale capable head, face, eye and gaze input mechanisms will change the way we interact with computers

Advanced training

Analyse, adapt and personalise learning. Deliver low cost assistive technology. Augment gaze data to training programs such as military, pilot and other simulations

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